Why is my arrest record still there?


Have you been convicted of an OWI? If so, you might be wondering when the Arrest Records you’ve been assessed will go away. The short answer to this is never. Arrest records for crimes, even the misdemeanor charge of OWI, are part of your background for as long as you live. But, what about expungement of the record if you’ve been found not guilty of the crime. While you may be able to expunge your actual record, the truth is that, thanks to the prevalence of distribution of public records on the internet, your arrest records will be a part of your background forever.

Why is this important to know?

Having arrest records like OWI records and records for other crimes can significantly impact your ability to eke out a living. Take, for example, someone who drives for a living. Delivery drivers, tractor trailer operators, taxi cab drivers and other professional drivers are unable to drive professionally any longer. This is because employers who operate in this industry cannot afford the insurance it would take to employ these people. This means that anyone who is employed in these areas or who have the professional credentials to work in these industries will no longer be able to find viable employment.

However, professional drivers aren’t the only professionals who will find it difficult to get a job or stay employed. Those in the financial sector, especially those who operate in the securities sector, will also find it difficult to get or keep a job. This includes those in the insurance and investment sectors.

Lastly, anyone who owns and operates a business representing any sector of the job market will find it difficult to remain in business. This is because customers, both existing and potential, are fickle. They want to make sure that they are doing business with reputable companies where the values align with their own. If an owner or manager conducts himself or herself in an unbecoming manner, including being arrested for OWI or other crime, it reflects poorly on the business itself and thus encourages customers to look elsewhere for the products and services they need. This can stifle the growth of the business or even hamper its revenue stream enough as to cause it to close its doors forever. It’s a thought that no business owner ever wants to face, especially the idea of losing something they have worked so hard to attain over one lapse in judgement.

Arrest records are a permanent part of your background. There is no way to truly remove any reference to it thanks to the widely available access to arrest records via the world wide web. This means that if you’ve been arrested for OWI or any other crime, you can expect it to hamper your ability to provide for yourself and/or your family.
Arrest Records aren’t something that are liable to go away, no matter what they are for.
Marchelle Lamaster