What You Need to Know About Local Bird Control


Professional assistance or DIY endeavours?

You may believe that a bird infestation can be dealt with in-house using arm thrashing, a scarecrow or a klaxon.

Whilst this may work with a few nuisance birds, it is likely that a truly problematic bird issue will be of a larger population. Birds present health and safety risks, from noise to feathers and guano to secondary flea infestations. These reasons should dissuade you from the DIY approach.

Professional attention and industry approved measures provide a humane and lasting solution.

Did you know that bird control laws apply?

As an untrained person, it is easy to break the law so please don’t take the risk. Local bird control specialists always work within the stringent guidelines as set out in the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 under General Licence.

What are the bird control laws?

There are only four acceptable reasons for a bird control measure to be initiated. That they are driving you to distraction is not sufficient.

  1. To preserve public health and /or safety.
  2. To preserve air safety.
  3. To prevent serious damage or spread of disease.
  4. To conserve wild birds.

All wild bird species, their nests and eggs are protected under UK law.

Who can I contact about local bird control?

Apex Environmental Services provide bird proofing and bird scaring services in Berkshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Avon and Oxfordshire.

They are members of the British Pest Control Association.

What are the bird proofing measures available?

After a thorough survey and evaluation, specialists utilise the most viable measures for the species and size of bird to secure humane results, meet the client’s budget and confirmthe duration of bird proofing measures; is this a temporary or permanent installation?

Options include:

  • Anti-bird netting.
  • Anti-bird mesh.
  • Post and wire system.
  • Anti-bird spikes.

The other avenue considered is to employ bird scarers which are often used in conjunction with each other:

  • Bio-acoustics.
  • Firing blanks.
  • Flying kites.

Local bird control firms use top quality, rust and corrosion resistant materials and the most innovative and cost-effective techniques.

Peace of mind bird scaring

Local bird control hawking programmes are co-ordinated by trained and experienced professionals and employ a hawk that has been educated not to attack the bird infestation but to fly past it.

The birds congregating on or around a property perceive the hawk as a threat and will act to protect themselves. To ensure their survival they will move away from the hawk’s flight path. The threat to the bird infestation is mental and compelling.

Should a bird note that the hawk doesn’t attack and so it boldly remains on-site, this is resolvable. Experts have learned how birds think; the bird scaring flight programme is configured so that the hawk flies at irregular times across several routes at a differing quantity of flights per session so that the sense of danger remains, and the problem birds will move on.

Please don’t waste your time or money; talk to Apex Environmental Services about local bird control today.