What Is The Canadian Experience Class Program

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The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program allows individuals who have been working in Canada for the past one year to immigrate permanently. The government of Canada invitestalented professionals from various field of expertise into its country to work and become a permanent resident eventually

What are the Canada experience class selection criteria?

  • The person must havedone some skilled full time work forat least one year in Canada on a valid work permit.That is, 30 hours per week for 12 months.
  • Or else he must have worked part-time for an equivalent amount of yearsunder the same criteria. That is, 15 hours per week for 24 months.
  • This should have happened within the last three tears since the date of application.
  • His class of occupation should come under Skill O (Managerial jobs) or Skill A (Professional jobs) or Skill B (Technical or skilled jobs)under the National Occupational Classification or in short, NOC.
  • His choice of residential area should be beyond the borders of the province of Quebec.
  • He should have a good grasp over the official languages of Canada, that is, English and French. He should at least possess the basic ability to read, write, understand and speak these languages.
  • Although not exactly a steadfast requirement, but if you have done your degree or diploma or schooling in Canada or if you have a degree or a diploma or a school certificate from a foreign educational institute that has an ECA report then your chances for receiving an ITA may be higher.
  • A student graduate who completed his post secondary education in Canada and has worked for a yearin a managerial, professional or a technical field can apply for this.

Advantages of being a part of the Canada experience class

  • Since you only require a few documents, the processing is quite easy and fast and can be completed in three to four months.
  • You do not need to submit any settlement fund proofs.
  • With at least one year of skilled work experience, you stand a great chance in the workforce among other inexperienced candidates.

However, not everybody with a years work experience will be receive an Invitation To Apply for the Canada Express Class.

How does one obtain the Canada experience class visa?

Having worked in Canada for a year or more you become mire familiar to the Canadian society and are a potential asset to the Canadian economy. For this reason the government of Canada hands out experience class visa’s to professionals who have been in Canada for over a year. This lets you make a transition from being a temporary resident to a permanent resident.

You can apply for this visa either through an agent or manually through the Canadian government website. There will be a free assessment test to determine whether you qualify to apply for the visa or not.

You will also have to get your police clearance and go through a medical examination.