Top rated credit cards in 2018


Credit cards can help you achieve your business goals in many ways. You can save money by earning super perks and cash back by using suitable credit cards for your business. A credit card can help you to keep track of your business expenditures and purchases through one source and you can improve your business credit score easily. But choosing a suitable credit card from top rated credit cards 2018 for your business is quite difficult as market is full of many credit cards offering different promotions and rewards to attract you towards them. Every credit card does not meet every business need.

From a long list of credit card, you can choose the best suitable option for your business. Many credit card users can earn points on purchases in different conditions and these points can be recovered as many types of rewards. These rewards may be gift cards, cash back or purchases from different selected shops or for travel purposes. Usually the card users get a point on spending one dollar. The flexibility of these rewards points earning system suits many business men.

Most of the top rated credit cards 2018 do not charge any annual fee and give bonus points on purchases during first few months after purchasing the card. You can get 3% to 5% cash back on purchases on categories of your choice, like airfare, hotel rent, car rental, dining, gas station, advertising and shipping. If your business makes remarkable purchases of hardware, software and cloud computing from selected shops, you get cash back as reward.

It is very important that a businessman should use his business credit card sensibly by keeping his business and personal expenses separate. Some businessmen fail to manage their business credit properly and fall into debt. It is important to maintain your personal credit history because you can get business finances on its basis. Your good financial track record will help to get loan from the bank easily.

Always use your business credit card carefully like paying your bills timely. You should not use it for cash advances unless it is necessary. It is important to file your monthly reports and manage your cash flow wisely. Avoid making big purchases exceeding your card limit or it will damage your credit score.

Creditors keep changing their policies after a few months. It is important to keep checking your mail regularly to remain in touch with the change in fees, policies and offers, in case you do not like them and want to change your credit card as some new reforms may not suit your business strategy.