Table fans- Pros and Cons


Fan has been in use since olden times and there have historical records of their usage. The fans over the period of time have improved drastically and have also sort of become varied from being just fan to the likes of table fan, tower fan, exhaust fan, ceiling fan etc. Each of these categories of the fan has their own signature quality and specific use, and as it is said that everything has pros and cons.

Table fan is one of the most commonly used categories of fan only defeated by the ceiling fans. The online market is now seeing an increasing demand for these fans. If you are also looking to buy one, you can click here. Also, go through the pros and cons, which are as follows:

Pros for the Table Fan

  • Table fan is usually lightweight especially the ones that are available these days. The old table fans did use to be a little heavy but they were also light when compared to other fans of their era. Due to the light weight the table fans are easy to handle and move wherever needed. This is not the case with Pedestal fans which are heavy as well as bulky.
  • As stated in the above statement the table fans can be easily moved, the fact that they can be moved is a very big plus point that they have as when compared to the exhaust or the ceiling fans they can be taken anywhere required.
  • The table fan can be used and is used to get focussed air circulation. It pushes air exactly where it is aimed at by the user and this is very ideal for single use at hot places.
  • The ability of it being able to be useful where there is no facility of ceiling fan as it just needs a socket with power supply.
  • Table fans come in wide range of prices and these can be purchased at prices lower than the other fans.
  • Table fans are also energy efficient since they do not have very long blades thus they can also operate using less energy.
  • Table fans (some) have the oscillate option thus it can give air to a wide range also not just targeted to a specific area.

Cons of the Table fan

  • The table fans do not have that much power in them as compared to the pedestal or the exhaust fans.
  • The table fans are aesthetically not pleasing. They look odd especially these days when they are not much in use in the household. These fans do not go with the interior or the decorations of a household and sort of become an eyesore. They look like their owner doesn’t have a good taste and has just tried to save a few bucks in equipping the ventilation and air circulation system of the house.
  • Sounds produced by table fans are also irritating. Usually this problem is not encountered in table fans but it is so when expensive table fans are purchased, otherwise there is noise in the table fan.
  • The table fan does nothing in improving the quality of air that it is circulating inside the room. It is one of the basic functions a fan should do that it should improve the quality of air being circulated but the table fan is incompetent in that.
  • The table fans are also less durable when compared to other fans and also the option constant and easy handling adds to the problem.