Have You Pre-Planned Your Funeral?


When you draw up a will, you also should think about pre-planning your funeral. Doing so can prevent any family miscommunication or disputes on your passing. If you want to make sure that your final wishes are honoured, you need to pre-plan or arrange your funeral in advance.

When you contact experienced funeral directors in Dursley, you can go over some of the details of the pre-planning process. Let them be your guide so you can short-list your choices and make a clearer decision with respect to your budget.

For example, some of the decisions you will need to make if you opt for burial include the following:

  • The type of coffin
  • The form of transport
  • What type of funeral you wish to hold

For example, some people prefer to have a humanist funeral held rather than a religious ceremony. If you are not religious, this type of funeral is performed by a celebrant who leads the service. Celebrants may be members of the Institute of Civil Funerals or the British Humanist Association or they may work independently.

In some cases, funerals are arranged according to a theme. For instance, a theme may centre on a pastime that the deceased enjoyed or it may feature a sport that he or she liked. Coffins are decorated to support the theme or a special hearse is used to celebrate this aspect of the deceased’s life.

However your funeral is arranged, it should be done by you. That way, you can take away both the emotional and financial strain that often accompanies funeral arrangements when they are left to family members of the deceased.