Explore the Lakes at your leisure

entrepreneur enjoys staying on the beach

Just relax. You are surrounded by beautiful scenery, in an area that caters for every tourist need yet nothing intrudes on its beauty. Your priority should be to take advantage of your break from work to recharge your batteries. There are few better places to do that than the Lakes.

The motorway system has brought this part of North West England closer to everyone. The M6 runs north – south linking large population areas while cross Pennine roads have improved over the years. Overseas tourists can fly into Manchester from any part of the world and travel north to Cumbria. It is worth the effort.

Choice of location

When it comes to accommodation Holiday cottages Lake District  locations offer something special which may vary with your main interests. That can be walking, sailing or perhaps painting. The Internet can provide you with a host of information to help you decide where best to stay if you are a first time visitor. If you are an old hand you may know the area intimately and know exactly where you want to be.

There are central locations that can access the whole area but perhaps you don’t want to spend too much time in the car. If you drive each day backwards and forwards to work, you may decide that you want to park your car on arrival and forget about it.

Keswick makes an interesting base because it provides the charm of a Lake District market town with the modern facilities most tourists expect.  It is close to both Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite.

Day trips

You may decide to go further afield on some days and it is easy to plan even if you are a first time visitor. Tourism makes an extremely important contribution to the local economy. It is logical therefore that the Lakes provide comprehensive information on their various websites so that visitors can plan and prepare.

If you are on holiday with the family, your choices may be different from if you have come with a group of friends with the aim of doing all Wainwright’s Fell walks, of which there are plenty, of varying difficulty. There is a website recognising all those who have completed them all. It states the date when various enthusiasts started and the date they finished.

A challenge

Human nature is such that some people after starting such a challenge may visit the Lakes three of four times a year to do more. Anyone living fairly close could go even more frequently. What can be better than taking up this type of challenge and knowing you will be spending a good deal of time in such a stunning area?

Foreign travel has its pleasures. Sun, sea and sand is no more than two hours away from many regional airports. However, suntans fade and playing in the sand is something that you probably grew out of as a child. What the Lakes provide is so much more. There are the memories that last far longer than a holiday in a manmade resort.