Buy Vitamix


Whether you need to replace a blender that lets you down or combine kitchen tools to save space, the Vitamix is the perfect choice. This blender/juicer offers more power than many other similar models, which means it can do anything from mixing hot soups and smoothies to making ice cream and grinding coffee.

How Vitamix Got Its Name

Vitamix is a family-owned business, and it got its start during the days of the great depression. William Grover Barnard decided to sell kitchen implements door-to-door to make ends meet in 1921, and in 1937, he came across his very first blender. His wife aptly dubbed it the “vita-mix” (“vita” means life) and the rest is history. Barnard eventually made his own high-powered blender and formed his own company. The very first high-powered Vitamix for home use became available in 1969, and it could do anything and everything imaginable. The company delved into the commercial sector in 1985 and continues to supply their products to consumers and businesses worldwide.

When to Juice and When to Blend

Although it can perform any number of tasks, most people buy Vitamix for its blending and juicing capabilities. Blending and juicing produce two different results, however. When you blend your food, you use the entirety of the food and incorporate it into a puree, a sauce, a soup, or even a sorbet. When you juice, you essentially squeeze the liquid from the solid part of the food and leave the pulp behind. While juicing has its benefits, blending gives you more dietary fiber and nutrition since you do not leave anything behind. Blending is also quicker and less messy than juicing.

Make Almost Anything with One Simple Tool

If you have a stand mixer for making dough, a juicer, an ice cream maker, a blender for making frozen drinks, a coffee grinder and more in your kitchen, then you will be happy to learn that Vitamix can replace them all. With this one small machine, you can create anything from nutritious and delicious whole-fruit sorbet to whole grain bread doughs and even homemade marinara sauce. Never before has cooking been so convenient and easy, and Vitamix can open up a whole new world of recipe possibilities for you and your family.

Great for Adults and Kids Alike

Although many parents complain that their kids do not eat their vegetables, the fact of the matter is that the adults do not get the veggies they need, either. The Vitamix makes it easy to puree vegetables and hide them among other foods. Your kids (and you!) still get the nutrition, but you do not have to deal with the taste. Pureed beets and carrots are incredibly sweet, cucumbers offer a hint of freshness, and you can even puree kale or spinach and hide it in your favorite sauces or casseroles. It truly is that simple to get ample nutrition, and you might be surprised at how much better you will feel over time.

Online classifieds are great places to search for kitchen implements like the Vitamix, and you can find several different models at various price points that will fit your budget. Vitamix is built to last, so even the older models can still provide all of the power you need to juice and blend your way to a healthier you.